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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

So I decided that I'd had enough with men and love and all that bullshit. It was time to plan for the future and do it on my own terms. I had always wanted to run a marathon and be a top business woman. I decided I was going to go and get an MBA. A lofty goal perhaps, but not only was I going to get an MBA but I was going to get it at a top rated school. I had wanted to go to the best of the best colleges ever since I was a little girl but I was dealt so much misfortune that I could never accomplish anything. Two steps forward and four steps back...that was my adolescence. I was angry and hateful that I wasn't like the other kids. I wanted to be beautiful and have nice things and have normal parents...heck I just wanted parents. Why did I have this life? So I stopped focusing on good grades and stopped even trying to be was impossible right? I got into college but it wasn't the best and I wasn't my best. I had so many demons to contend with that being the best at anything seemed hopeless. I was never the best and I would never be. Now I finally have the chance to achieve my life long dream of being really good at something. I am already at the top of my field in many ways but I want to go to a great college and do something great with my career and that is going to happen. Oh yeah and the marathon. In order to clear my head through the angst of my troubled love life I needed to run. The running brought about a different pain. Something to compete with my heart. It helped. I had always been a recreational runner. I always enjoyed running but again I had never pushed myself to be good. I had been dead last in every heat and every event on my track team in high school. Dead last. I only know that I was beloved on the team because everyone else knew their place was not last. That was reserved for me. I hated it but not enough to quit. I guess I enjoyed the humiliation. I had friends on that team and there was a guy....there was always a guy. Now, I will run my first marathon in two months. Will I finish? I can't even imagine. It's silly since I've only been training for a few months but my goal is not to run the whole race or to even finish the race but to simply get there. The miracle is getting there. If I can stand there at the starting line and breathe then I will have begun my ascent. My real goal is to complete a marathon running the entire way by January of 2007. My next goal is the Boston Marathon. Hopefully by 2009 -- the same year that I want to get into business school. My two youngest boys will graduate that year and I plan to send them off to college with me tagging along behind.


Blogger Brooklyn said...

Go for it! If you can ran a marathon, you can do anything.

4/22/2006 5:24 PM  

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