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Monday, April 17, 2006

Right now I am a little obssesed with my blog. I don't want a boring blog. I want a SWEET looking blog! So I will pour over every morsel of information that I can fine related to HTML and spend hours and days figuring out how to improve the look of my blog. It will probably go through so many changes that it will never even resemble the original work. I wonder if there is a way to save the changes for future reference. You know, one day when I'm sitting in one of my MBA classes acting smart and smug like I know everything about computers and blogging and HTML and little does anyone know that just last night I asked my son (14) "Hey, do you know about Linux" and he bursts out laughing "MOM!!!! It's pronounced Li-nux.....not Lie-nux!! And I have linux on one of my X-boxes already!!!" OH. Of course. So I decide to impress him with my newly acquired knowledge of HTML and colors because I've decided that fancy colors will make my blog extra cool. I'm learning about all the numbers and I've studied color wheels and color charts and color chemes. So my son says in a slightly (very slightly) patronizing tone, "That's cool Mom. So what did you learn?" I said, "Well, I know that if you want the color white you have to type in #FFFFFF." My son replied with huge exaggerated pauses between words "Yeah, or you can just type in .......white." "Goodnight Mom." Good Grief. Maybe I should just leave the blog alone. Who cares what it looks like? Me.


Blogger Brooklyn said...

Your kid's funny. Someday he'll realize what a smartass he is.

Blogger has pretty good templates, nicely color-balanced and all that. Don't kill yourself learning HTML when the experts can do all that work for you. You might, however, go to and ask those guys to fix you up with a cool custom header. They'll even give you instructions on how to paste it into your current template.

4/22/2006 5:21 PM  

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