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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Blogging is dumb. Why does anyone like this? Who even cares about blogging? What would motivate anyone to spend time putting random thoughts down for random people to read if anyone were to ever read one's blog to begin with. There must be ten billion blogs in the world. I once told a guy that I had met that he should write down his story for a memoir and he said "Who would want to read about my life?". Exactly! Who wants to read about any of our lives? I used to think I had the most incredulous life story and then I would hear stories fifty times more incredulous. My life was not so interesting. It still isn't. I am missing dance class tonight to blog. That's not entirely true. My son, who is my partner in my dance class, can't go to dance tonight and I refuse to let sweaty old perverted men dance with me so I'm going to stay home and blog. BORING!


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